From the first session I will give you practical tools and guidance so you will walk away not only feeling better, but will have a range of skills to take with you too.


“Everyone needs a Rhona! Working with Rhona is like connecting with an old friend that allows you to come to your own conclusions, gentle guiding you when you veer off your true path. Rhona has changed my life for the better.  I have found myself again, I didn’t realise how lost I was. I feel very grateful for her coming into my life.” – CS, London


Choose to follow my instructions and things will improve. Life will move from effort to ease and you will experience happiness, confidence, balance and flow – often as never before. I have a knack (and years of experience) for getting to the heart of the issue kindly and efficiently. Once we recognise the core of what’s happening, we will make a bespoke and holistic plan of action together.


With support, kindness, honesty and accountability we are able to make changes that simply aren’t possible alone. My clients often comment how they didn’t expect the process to be light and fun, but when we are supported, change becomes a hundred times easier.


I’ve spent years plumbing the depths of personal development to discover the most efficient tools and techniques, meaning you don’t have to. Many of my clients note how we are able to cut through weeks or months of self-judgement, shame or blame and make peace with the past. Change will happen today.


My focus of client empowerment means that from the first time we work together I will teach you practical techniques that will dramatically improve your life. Such tools immediately give you freedom and independence and greatly reduce the number of sessions needed.



As a Teacher and Practitioner my focus is on empowering you with a range of simple and powerful skills and tools easy to integrate into your daily life with excellent results. From transforming your self-talk to addressing your addictions, learning how to release the past and make excellent choices, you will use these techniques for years after our work is complete.


I know that many of the lightbulb moments in the process of change happen outside of the session and email support is included in my work with this in mind, ensuring you get the support you need and that you feel looked after every step of the way.


My years of experience have given me a wealth of knowledge, life changing therapies, addictions know-how, wisdom and resources that I generously share with my clients. These include my own personal recommended resources, as well as free access to videos and audio files.

If you’d like to hire me to help you or find out more, contact me.

“I wanted to say how important and beneficial for me has been working with you and how many of the tools and insights in my current life came from you, even when I didn’t understand or adopt all of them when we were working together.

 I have been rereading the notes of some of our session and saw even more from a distance how much truth there is there. You had told me already at least one year before that I needed to follow an anti-candida diet, follow a detox and this happened but many months later….when I was forced to do so. Ah, and Qi gong too that I am just starting to practice now. You opened an entire new world for me which I still continue to explore and inhabit now and I am very grateful.” – GB, London

INTERVIEW WITH RHONA ABOUT TOXIC SHAME: What it is and how it’s showing up in your life now. Interview by Gene Monterastelli, TappingQ&