I work with people who are at a major crossroads and ready for change.

I have over twenty years experience, a background in clinical psychology and have helped several hundred clients get outstanding results.

I have a real-life attitude to change and my approach is original, bold, hands-on and pioneering.

Sessions bring transformational coaching together with addictions specialisms, cutting edge personal development techniques and sound practical direction. My clients consistently describe our work together as ‘life-changing.’

I tend to work with people who are:

  • Struggling with some form of stuck-ness and process addiction(s). You may be the grown-up adult of an addictive or dysfunctional home and may have grown up with emotional unavailability, narcissism, workaholism, codependency, substance addiction or other challenges. You may have addiction in your family tree (one active alcoholic is said to impact seven generations). I often work with Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren of addictive homes
  • Ready to make a major life change, a career change, a country change or to start recognising, realising and living your vision. I often help people who don’t realise they are leaders, become the leaders they were all along.

You may be:

  • Very successful in most areas of your life, yet something is consistently blocked.
  • Fed-up and frustrated by your current results and outlook.
  • Aware that something needs to change, but unsure of exactly how to get there.
  • Ready to shift your life to the next level.
  • Trying to understand what is keeping you stuck.
  • Aware that support and accountability help hugely with creating positive change.

Facing major crossroads and life challenges, such as:

  • Hitting a glass ceiling having outgrown your current setup.
  • Difficulty in getting to where you actually want to go.
  • Stuck in a process addiction (or the symptoms of a process addiction) including: people-pleasing, low self esteem, depression, anxiety, compulsive-doing, phone and electronic media addiction, procrastination, self-loathing, creative avoidance.
  • Inherited trauma, sexual trauma and/or sexual and social anorexia.
  • Transition, change or dissatisfaction.
  • Lack of direction or clarity.

Or may simply desire more:

  • Honesty, truth, happiness, freedom, health, authenticity, trust, creativity, balance, flow, joy (or all of the above!)

As a result of our work together you can expect to:

  • Know how to navigate the inevitable challenges of life in healthier ways.
  • Let go of self-sabotaging outlooks and behaviours.
  • Confront your addictions and finally live the life you’ve always wanted to.
  • Have a more authentic relationship with yourself and others.
  • Feel that your inner/outer worlds match up congruently.
  • Be at peace with your past.
  • Increase your work satisfaction and financial income.
  • Experience tangible, positive shifts in all areas of your life.
  • Have a wealth of self-care and resources to maintain resilience.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror and love who you are.

I am a steady guide and mentor, cheering you on when you need it most.

My work draws from expertise in a range of disciplines such as Business & Life Coaching, Clinical Psychology, Positive Psychology, EFT, NLP, Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, 12 Steps, Hypnotherapy, Somatics, Ayurveda, Energy approaches and Chinese Medicine. Everything I suggest and practice I have tried myself and integrity is a core value of mine.

I work from my private practice with clients worldwide. To get in touch please contact me.

“Rhona is amazing. She immediately sees past confusing thoughts and cuts to the core of issues with uncanny speed and accuracy. She has helped me deal with writer’s block and enabled me to stop bashing my head against a brick wall! Whether it’s down to her keen insight or her more spiritual side, I’m convinced that she has magic powers!” – SR, London


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