I support people who are at a major crossroads and ready for change.

I have over twenty years experience, a background in clinical psychology and my approach delivers outstanding results. I am a steady guide and mentor, both a teacher and practitioner, cheering you on when you need it most.

Sessions bring transformatory coaching together with cutting edge therapies and sound practical direction, with plenty of insight and intuition added for good measure.

You may be struggling with one or more of the following:

  • Anxiety, stress, people-pleasing
  • Self-sabotage and self-criticism
  • Lack of balance/ addictions
  • Difficult personal and work relationships
  • Disappointment, grief, struggle

Facing major crossroads and ready for change, such as:

  • Lack of direction or clarity relating to life purpose
  • Career change, redundancy or transition
  • Feeling frustrated and stuck
  • Relationship changes
  • Nothing is working

Or may desire more

  • Clarity and vision
  • Leadership and authenticity
  • Confidence
  • Balance
  • Creativity
  • Flow

As a result of our work together you can expect to:

  • Let go of old patterns of self-sabotage which keep you small
  • Have a more authentic relationship with yourself and others
  • Experience positive shifts in all areas of your life
  • Feel that your inner/outer worlds match up congruently
  • Be at peace with your past
  • Have a wealth of resources to support you for your onward journey

I have a real-life attitude to change and my approach is bold, hands-on and compassionate and my clients consistently describe our work together as ‘life-changing.’ 

My work draws from expertise in a range of disciplines such as Coaching, Psychology, EFT, NLP, Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, 12 Steps, Hypnotherapy, Energy approaches and Chinese Medicine.

I work from my private practice with clients worldwide. To get in touch please contact me.

“Rhona is amazing. She immediately sees past confusing thoughts and cuts to the core of issues with uncanny speed and accuracy. She has helped me deal with writer’s block and enabled me to stop bashing my head against a brick wall! Whether it’s down to her keen insight or her more spiritual side, I’m convinced that she has magic powers!” – SR, London


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