Great Expectations (for the holiday season!)

Christmas and the holiday season are perhaps the time of greatest expectation. We expect great things of ourselves and others and we want a reward for all our hard work in the form of the perfect Christmas: perfect food, home, partner, friends and presents… not to mention family members! Whilst it … READ MORE

Don’t go back for the milk

I don’t know if you have ever seen the 1960’s film Billy Liar? The story speaks to us all. It’s about a boy living in a gritty British northern town who deals with the mundane and difficult aspects of life by escaping … READ MORE

Overcome sugar and chocolate cravings with EFT

Woman Diet and Fitness Special (magazine): Double page feature on beating sugar cravings. Rhona features as the main expert and explains how to apply a simple EFT routine for eliminating sugar and chocolate cravings.

Goodbye Gordon Gekko

Is your story of success past its sell-by date? Over the past few years I have increasingly been working with the subject of success, because if you want to feel good and be happy, you want to be successful too, … READ MORE