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Reframing Christmas (and free tap-along for inner peace!)

Christmas and the holidays are very different this year. One of the most liberating and unique Christmas years I had was when I chose to spend Christmas by myself, alone. My friends and family expressed concern: “Alone? At Christmas?” insinuating, ‘What on earth are you thinking?!’  (or even … READ MORE


“Change, when it comes, cracks everything open” – Dorothy Allison In the midst of transition, it takes great confidence to stick to our instincts, stay curious to who we really are, whilst avoiding old pitfalls and people pleasing (phew!). As … READ MORE

Overcome sugar and chocolate cravings with EFT

Woman Diet and Fitness Special (magazine): Double page feature on beating sugar cravings. Rhona features as the main expert and explains how to apply a simple EFT routine for eliminating sugar and chocolate cravings.

Goodbye Gordon Gekko

Is your story of success past its sell-by date? Over the past few years I have increasingly been working with the subject of success, because if you want to feel good and be happy, you want to be successful too, … READ MORE

Who’s Who for Female Entrepreneurs


Covet Girl (Publication): A Who’s Who and Where to Go Guide to Female Entrepreneurs by Carlie Parkinson. Book features a one page feature on Rhona Clews, Health & Confidence Expert. Rhona discusses her background in Clinical Psychology and how her passion … READ MORE

Are you an Underearner?

Ever wondered why you always have pretty much the same amount of money, regardless of your job, how hard you work or how you choose to live? I wondered the same, that was until I learnt about Underearning. When I learnt … READ MORE

Chaya Yoga Retreat and Sous Style


Chaya Yoga Retreat and Sous Style and Rhona Clews Rhona featured as the Guest Therapist on Chaya Yoga Detox Spring Retreat. Melissa Hemsley: “Alongside their boutique-lux trips in Bali, Goa and Spain, Chaya Yoga Retreats run a series of short … READ MORE