What apple thinning taught me about energy

What apple thinning taught me about energy

I grew up in Kent. As a teenager in the mid-1990s, the garden of England offered an eccentric range of low-paid, low-rent and downright weird summer jobs! One of the ones my friends and I signed up for was “apple thinning.”  Who knew … READ MORE

EFT Tap-along to create inner peace

EFT TAP-ALONG TO CREATE INNER PEACE This time of year can be crazy! As nature slows down, we speed up! With this in mind I have recorded a new EFT tap-along for inner peace and stillness amidst the holiday demands. As we hurtle towards … READ MORE

Favourites: My 5 favourite raw-vegan restaurants

Buckwheat coconut kefir

Great health starts with great food! The raw-vegan food scene has become synonymous with inventiveness, creativity and a passion for delicious flavours, along with being enzyme-rich. Yes long gone are the days when being a vegan or vegetarian means sitting … READ MORE

Why we make a mess when we are upset

I created the saying “Only unhappy people drop litter” when I noticed the relationship between our inner and outer worlds: when we are disconnected from our environment we are unhappy, we feel separate, cut off, perhaps even unimportant. These feelings … READ MORE

Simple practices for spaciousness – Prima

Doing nothing is good for you! Conversely being in a state of constant “doing” causes our levels of cortisol to rise which has been linked to weight gain, heart disease and depression. Showing up to these simple spacious practices on … READ MORE