The four major blocks to getting where you want to go (and what the hell to do about them!)

The four major blocks to getting where you want to go

This time of year can often feel overwhelming. As we empty our inbox, it magically refills! There’s just so much to do! 

In such moments it’s easy to suffer from exhaustion and irritability, leaving us feeling like we are expending a lot of energy just to keep our head above water. 

Well, no more!

Through my practice I have discovered four major emotional blocks which directly contribute to us feeling this way! Yes it’s a busy time of year but when we attend to these blocks we don’t get as stuck in a rut. We make leaps forward. Things become easier. Sound too simple?

Let’s think about it another way.

Imagine you are in a hot air balloon somewhere breathtaking and beautiful.

Whilst in the hot air balloon you want to rise way up high above the ground so that you are able to see the unfolding landscape, catch the incredible views and embrace the whole experience fully. You want to go up higher than before. When you want the balloon to rise you increase the hot air into the balloon, and the balloon rises.

We can use this analogy for life. When we want to embrace life fully and rise high, we have to put the effort (or hot air) into it. We exert ourselves.

However the balloon also has sandbags on the side of the basket. The sandbags provide resistance to ensure the balloon stays safe and balanced and doesn’t get blown about by the wind. In order to go higher, you need to let go of the sandbags.

Like the sandbags, our fears, emotional responses and behaviours keep us weighed down.
These fears developed when we were young with the intention of keeping us safe from harm, yet as we grow older we outgrow our fears and rather than protecting us, they hold us in the past and keep us smaller than we actually are.

In order to rise to the wonderful heights you long for – you’re going to need to let some of the fears (sandbags) go.

These fears take 4 major forms. Each has a different message and becoming aware of where the majority of yours are located will help identify what needs to go:

Fear keeps us afraid. It says “don’t do anything differently!” and instead stick with the same!

Guilt tells us that we did something wrong. That we will get in trouble or will be punished. It keeps us small.

Resentment obsesses on all that “they” (anyone, including ourselves!) did wrong. If only “they” had done“that” then we would be OK.

Shame tells us that we are wrong. We don’t even need a reason. It’s a feeling of being inherently flawed. And who can rise with that going on?

Clearing these fears is usually accompanied by large surges in energy as we regain the energy we have previously been expending on fear! Other side effects have been known to include: being more present; becoming more visible; enjoying sharing our talents and reaching our potential.

When we leave the major sandbags in our lives behind, we naturally move towards where we are meant to be with less effort and more ease. 

If you are tired of fear dominating your life and are ready to rise to new heights, please email me with “Let the sandbags go!” in the subject line and I will be happy to set you free!