Don’t enter the basement alone!

I often seek out analogies and metaphors, they speak to me because they remind me that the human experience is collective, and this soothes me because it helps me to remember: I am not alone. An analogy I have been … READ MORE

Happy Patterns: EFT Workshop at PATTERNITY

HAPPY PATTERNS EFT WORKSHOP AT PATTERNITY  Rhona is delighted to announce her latest collaboration with PATTERNITY Rhona will lead an EFT workshop to boost your serenity, alter your inner-script and transform how you communicate with the most important person in … READ MORE

Favourites: My 5 favourite raw-vegan restaurants

Buckwheat coconut kefir

Great health starts with great food! The raw-vegan food scene has become synonymous with inventiveness, creativity and a passion for delicious flavours, along with being enzyme-rich. Yes long gone are the days when being a vegan or vegetarian means sitting … READ MORE

Overcome sugar and chocolate cravings with EFT

Woman Diet and Fitness Special (magazine): Double page feature on beating sugar cravings. Rhona features as the main expert and explains how to apply a simple EFT routine for eliminating sugar and chocolate cravings.


Rhona features as Guest Therapist for this Autumn Detox Retreat in Norfolk with Yoga Teacher Annabel Jones and Chaya Yoga. Autumn is heralded as one of the best times of year for the process of detoxification and our holistic offering of healthy allkalizing food, … READ MORE