Oh thank you! How to receive compliments with grace – Boots magazine

Do your toes curl at the mere thought of someone complimenting you? Are you a master at rebuffing praise? Well no more! Rhona features in this article for Boots Health & Beauty magazine on how to receive compliments with grace and ease, feel more comfortable with letting love in and allowing your self-esteem to rise!

Rhona: “In British culture especially it is seen as taboo to be big-headed or have an over-inflated sense of self. However it’s a myth that accepting compliments will mean we will think too much of ourselves. In fact they are essential to our personal growth and sense of being appreciated. When we observe someone behaving with arrogance that is actually due to a lack of self-love, you cannot have ‘too much self-love.'” 

“If you do feel uncomfortable receiving praise it is usually because it conflicts with your own opinion of yourself, for example, if someone says “You’re beautiful” and you don’t feel it inside, you’ll push the compliment away, allowing your inner critic to take over and maintain status quo.”

“Suggestions for how to start to believe nice things about ourself might begin with writing down what you do like about yourself. Write them in a notebook or even on your smartphone – whichever works for you. Carrying these with you helps as a reminder of what you already like about yourself and will help normalise the idea that other people will like, and notice, wonderful things about you too.” 

“Affirmations are also a great way to strengthen feeling good about yourself, but they need to feel believable  and make sure you put “I choose..” at the beginning e.g. “I choose to notice how loveable I am” as this has been found to silence the inner critic and make the statement more powerful.” 

“When you do receive a compliment, say thank you! Get into the habit of saying it every time. Let it just hang in the air, don’t say anything else. Initially you might feel awkward or uncomfortable, but stay with it and that feeling will go. Like any muscle, becoming comfortable with receiving compliments will strengthen with practice.” 

Feature by Danielle Hine in Boots Health & Beauty Magazine, March/April 2016 issue.

Top image by Rhona Clews.