Goodbye Gordon Gekko

Is your story of success past its sell-by date?

Over the past few years I have increasingly been working with the subject of success, because if you want to feel good and be happy, you want to be successful too, right? Yes!

But something didn’t sit right.

As I explored, I noticed that people’s thoughts and beliefs around success resonated differently from our beliefs around confidence or health.

When people talked about success, something felt wrong.

When I talked about success, something felt really wrong.

I couldn’t put my finger on it at first – I thought, what is it? I knew I could smell a rat. And then it struck me.


Yes you heard me right! 80’s! That decade of huge mobile phones, big hair and even bigger shoulderpads is influencing YOUR SUCCESS!

HOW? As human beings, we absorb our surroundings. We look to others to tell us what is possible and what isn’t. That’s why no one ran the 4 minute mile before Roger Bannister (and experts said the human body would explode if it was attempted!) and then within 3 years 10 people did it!  We look to others to gauge our reality.

Success was DEFINED by the 80’s. And many of us haven’t updated that file ever since. It’s been sitting in our collective unconscious, gathering dust ever since.

But no more!

It’s time to create a story of success that works for us, not against us! Here’s my quick 5 point guide to tell if your success story is still part of the-world-according-to-Gordon-Gekko.


(Listen out for the voices that resonate)

Workaholism masquerading as success: “If I am busy all the time, I am successful right?” Wrong! long hours, few/no breaks, endless email and phone checking means a life of stress and adrenal fatigue not happiness! Smart phones encourage us to constantly check, check, check that horizon – switch off and breathe instead!

Perfectionism pretending to be success: “If only I get everything right and perfect enough, then I will be happy and people will love me” – No! Progress not perfection, otherwise you are going to be lumbered with perfectionisms favourite bedfellow: procrastination! Because nothing will ever be good enough!

Isolation disguising itself as success:  *deep sigh* “Only I can do it, so I had better just grit my teeth and get on with it” –  happiness does not equal loneliness! Ditch the martyr and get some support!

Suffering suggesting it’s success: “I had better get on and do it even though I’m so tired and exhausted”  – rest first, work later! Going gently, being mindful and awake = happiness!

Work identity as success: “I AM my job” – Even if you totally love your job, you are worthy above and beyond it! Make sure you spend time just being you, not endlessly having to be brilliant (and yes this does extend to Facebook!)


  1. You will have a clear vision of your dreams – and how to make them reality
  2. You will be able to relax and have fun now (rather than some far off date in the mists of the future)
  3. You will draw opportunities, wonderful people, joy and creativity into your life
  4. You can wave goodbye to procrastination AND get there faster
  5. You will be happier and feel loved

Being a lifelong devotee of overhauling outdated psychological systems (that’s me!) I have been working with clients 1-1 on updating success stories and my clients are getting great results:

“Working with Rhona provided me with some life-changing guidance, many tools to see the changes through and a good measure of pure magic!”

“From one session with Rhona I was finally able to send 3 important emails that had been sitting in my drafts folder for weeks”

“Thank you so much for yesterday, you have absolutely shifted my life, I feel so much lighter!”

So come and update your success story, increase flow and ease in your life – email with the words “Goodbye Gordon Gekko” and I will happily support you into the here and now.