Are you an Underearner?

Ever wondered why you always have pretty much the same amount of money, regardless of your job, how hard you work or how you choose to live?

I wondered the same, that was until I learnt about Underearning.

When I learnt about Underearning and started to stop – my life changed. Not just my financial life either. Yes my income tripled. Yes I managed my money much much better. But my relationships also improved. I relaxed more. I suddenly had more time. My creativity flowed. I took part in life more fully. Why? Because Underearning doesn’t just mean living in a financial comfort zone or not earning enough, it affects all areas of our life, creating constriction,  a deep pervasive feeling of “never enough” and eroding self-esteem.

Underearning isn’t a name made up by pop Psychologists, it has distinct and particular traits. We are all underearners to some extent or another, so have a read through of some of the traits below and see where you identify….

Undervaluing and underpricing: Underearners find it difficult or nigh on impossible to charge appropriately for their services, creating anger, exhaustion and resentment.

Underearners cling onto things: not fully trusting that life will bring in something new, underearners cling to tired relationships, clutter and outworn and threadbare items.

Underearners find it hard to get their needs met: underearners experience high levels of guilt and shame when asking for or when given what they need or are owed.

Underearners give their power away: via time, energy or things – underearners give things of value away for free, then feel less than and unworthy.

Underearners work in cycles of compulsion/anorexia: unable to find balance and stability, underearners give their all, burn themselves out and then can’t give anything at all.

Underearners never feel qualified: despite studying hard, underearners never feel qualified and have a compulsive need to re-prove their worth, over and over again.

Underearning is about hiding your visibility and talents: for some reason feeling certain that life will hurt you if you really show and expose yourself.

Underearning is a complex and painful way of living and though I would argue that we all “underearn” to some extent or another, sometimes underearning is active to such a level that it is creating real self destruction.

Thankfully there are practical solutions and I am passionate about helping release people from the trap of underearning so if you would like help moving on from these behaviours, please get in touch.