Great Expectations (for the holiday season!)

Christmas and the holiday season are perhaps the time of greatest expectation. We expect great things of ourselves and others and we want a reward for all our hard work in the form of the perfect Christmas: perfect food, home, partner, friends and presents… not to mention family members! Whilst it … READ MORE

Don’t go back for the milk

I don’t know if you have ever seen the 1960’s film Billy Liar? The story speaks to us all. It’s about a boy living in a gritty British northern town who deals with the mundane and difficult aspects of life by escaping … READ MORE


New client testimonial: “Just a quick note to thank you again for your help and support during such a difficult time in my life. Not only did you help heal old and current wounds, but you set me off on … READ MORE

Goodbye Gordon Gekko

Is your story of success past its sell-by date? Over the past few years I have increasingly been working with the subject of success, because if you want to feel good and be happy, you want to be successful too, … READ MORE

Are you an Underearner?

Ever wondered why you always have pretty much the same amount of money, regardless of your job, how hard you work or how you choose to live? I wondered the same, that was until I learnt about Underearning. When I learnt … READ MORE


I’m a huge fan of Christmas, but am also well aware of the stresses that the holiday period can create. The excesses of food and television and demands of socialising can leave us feeling drained and energetically low. So here … READ MORE