I’m a huge fan of Christmas, but am also well aware of the stresses that the holiday period can create. The excesses of food and television and demands of socialising can leave us feeling drained and energetically low. So here are five tips to keep you connected and on top of the Christmas tree!1. Breathe: It may sound simple, but when we experience tension – our breathe is one of the first things affected. Bringing your awareness back to your breath for five breaths will help you to slow down, come back to the present, and relax. Extend your exhale and your inhale will adjust automatically.2. Take a walk: Fresh air is good for you! If you feel like you have been marinated in a bath of sofa adverts – get up off that sofa and walk around the block! Walking quickly puts frustrations and irritations into perspective.3. Write it out: Take yourself off to a private space, write in a free flowing style any thoughts, feelings, worries or concerns – get them all down without judgement. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron has a great Morning pages exercise you can also use at any time of day.

4. Let go: In Taoism, Winter is connected to the the organ of the kidneys which are nourished by fresh water, so make sure you are replenishing this element inside and out. 5 minutes in a shower or bath washes away stale energy and promotes balance and harmony. Similarly, ensure you are drinking plenty of water as it’s easy to neglect this in the cold months.

5. Reconnect: Sugary rich food can have a tendency to disconnect us from our connection with peace and stillness – just when we need it most! Again take five minutes to slow down and stop instead.