Why we make a mess when we are upset

I created the saying “Only unhappy people drop litter” when I noticed the relationship between our inner and outer worlds: when we are disconnected from our environment we are unhappy, we feel separate, cut off, perhaps even unimportant. These feelings … READ MORE

Simple practices for spaciousness – Prima

Doing nothing is good for you! Conversely being in a state of constant “doing” causes our levels of cortisol to rise which has been linked to weight gain, heart disease and depression. Showing up to these simple spacious practices on … READ MORE


“Change, when it comes, cracks everything open” – Dorothy Allison In the midst of transition, it takes great confidence to stick to our instincts, stay curious to who we really are, whilst avoiding old pitfalls and people pleasing (phew!). As … READ MORE

Overcome sugar and chocolate cravings with EFT

Woman Diet and Fitness Special (magazine): Double page feature on beating sugar cravings. Rhona features as the main expert and explains how to apply a simple EFT routine for eliminating sugar and chocolate cravings.