Adventures for one

Many of us can be intimidated by the idea of spending time just by ourselves, let alone going on a solo holiday, but what are the upsides of embarking on adventures for one? I talked with “In the moment” magazine about the possible benefits:

“We work hard, so holidays are our precious time – a time we often spend balancing our dream destinations and agendas with those of our friends and family. What if you didn’t have to? How about going on holiday by yourself?

A solo trip is increasingly being seen as the ultimate empowering thing to do in your downtime. The appeal is clear: it’s 100% your time, your schedule.

The idea of travelling alone can be daunting, but the benefits are worth it: “When we remove ourselves from the daily grind, we give ourselves the opportunity to take a breather, press pause and get clear on what happens next,” explains Health & Confidence Expert Rhona Clews. “We’ve all experienced this after even a night away from home when you see your house in a new way and/or the changes you’d like to make as a result. In the same, spending time away with yourself allows you step back and find clarity and fresh awareness about your life choices; priorities; your needs and desires.”

Rhona: “Other benefits of solo adventures might include:

  • Gaining a deep sense of peace and fulfilment from spending time with yourself
  • Learning how to love yourself on the go – from making yourself see the funny side to acknowledging yourself when you do well
  • Leaving people-pleasing behind as you focus on you and what you authentically feel
  • Getting much more of an idea of what you like and dislike, what turns you on and off
  • Deepening and strengthening foundations of independence, freedom and adventure
  • Plugging into your own greater potential and wider possibilities
  • Embracing the moment, feeling alive.”

This article first appeared in “In the moment” magazine, April 2018.

Words by Jo Carnegie. Top image by Rhona Clews.