Make yourself fertile soil

Make yourself fertile soil

One of the lesser known facets of my work is midwifery.

Yes, whether helping people to recover from a broken heart, unhappy employment, blocked creativity, painful addictions, out-of-date limits on health, happiness, love or income, I help people birth new lives into being. It’s a joy to behold.


In the process of making room for the new, we have to fully let go of the old.

This means releasing outworn ideas about ourselves and others along with surface disappointment and frustrations.

If we really want to start afresh we have to get stuck into the deeper work of healing trauma, long held resentment, anger and grief.

When we resolve the seemingly unresolvable, new channels open.

 “If you want to catch the big fish, you’ve got to go deeper…” – David Lynch

I’m mindful of how easy it is instead to think we just need to work harder and faster (whip close to hand!) and then (and only then!) will we get what we want. Whichever form our desire takes (new job, baby, spiritual enlightenment etc!) we act as if we can chase it down, if only, if only, we could run fast enough. Phew!

Well what if we tried a new tack?
What if we decided not to buy into this inefficient, exhausting fear-based approach?
If instead we took a breath.
We decided to spend time creating the right conditions.
And not just any conditions: the most gorgeous ripe conditions that would attract the plumpest, most abundant opportunities to find us instead.

For when we are fertile soil, we are in alignment with our authentic selves.
Right situations seek us out.
What we are looking for, finds us.
Luck, synchronicity, flow and joy follow.
Struggle starts to fall away.
Ideas take seed.
We feel alive, nourished, succulent with possibility.
The truth is when we are this full, we magnetize good towards us!

“Chance is always powerful. Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish.” – Ovid

So here you go, here are my instructions, use them wisely and let me know what wonders you create!


1. Be clear on what you are growing.  

If your soil had the perfect pH, texture, nutrients etc – what would you grow? Get really clear and anticipate how you would be if this dream was realised. How would you behave? Would you be happier? Laugh more? Worry less? Choose one result you expect to come about, and start practising it today i.e. if you would laugh more, start watching laugh-out-loud comedy daily. By matching that which you seek, you will bring it about more easily.

2. Place yourself in a well-lit, draught-free location.

If you are sensitive (and most of us are!) then chances are, you are affected by your environment and the people around you much more than you realise. At all costs avoid negativity, avoidants, energy drains and moody, damp conditions! You will likely flourish amongst light, roomy, fun-filled spaces and populations. Seek them out.

3. Nourish the soil not the plant.

Keep your focus on putting great things into your life and into your sense of wellbeing vs getting distracted by how things look externally and how you anticipate people will respond. What is nutritious mulch to one is topsoil to another and likely it will take refinement to discover what really nourishes you. Fill yourself up with your own brand of nurturing.

4. Avoid disrupting the soil as much as possible.

Just like soufflés, things that are growing like to be left alone! Resist the urge to double check you have planted it right, let it be and wait. Trust. Say thank you in advance of its arrival.

5. Let sunshine and water do their magic.

Many of us ‘givers’ are so default on giving that the muscle of receiving is weak and underused! Practice accepting acknowledgment as plants receive sunshine = gladly! With offers of help, support, gifts and invitation allow appreciation to become your norm.

6. Talk it out. 

We all know plants that are spoken to flourish better than those that are left alone. Speak positively about your dream whilst it is manifesting and thank it into being. Talk through your desires with someone you respect and admire. Give thanks at every opportunity for all the good you are creating.