How to silence the inner critic!

Silence the inner critic

One of my favourite quotes comes from hypnotherapist Paul McKenna “If your roommate spoke to you like you spoke to yourself, you would have moved out years ago!” We are each our worst critics, but what can we do about it? Here I talk with Donna Smiley and offer some tips to silence the inner critic in our head….


Listen and choose again: Beginning to become aware of the inner critic by listening and observing its chatter will begin to dismantle the ‘default’ setting of your inner critic! Start by noticing and then start to affirm the good and talk to yourself as if you are talking to your best friend, encouraging, gentle, affirming.

Talk it through: Criticising ourselves and others can be a sign that we are overwhelmed with our own challenges and don’t know what to do about them. We all face difficulties in life and talking through what’s bothering you will help get this stuff off your chest.

Chill out: How we think and how we feel are directly connected and our thinking can often go into negative and critical spaces when we actually have difficult feelings going on, but aren’t giving space to these feelings. Slowing down and giving ourselves space to relax, breathe, and engage in activities which nurture and nourish us will allow you to feel the feelings that are actually prompting the critical thoughts.

Do what you love: Self-criticism is often a sign that we feel depleted and are lacking fun and joy in our daily lives. Make a list of activities you either love doing or used to love doing e.g. listening to a complete album, rollerskating, visiting the ocean, and then put a date next to each one for when you last did it – you will be surprised!

Don’t “compare and despair” If you find yourself comparing yourself to someone else’s life/ instagram feed/ facebook photos/ body/ relationship/ home etc, STOP and remember that what appears one way on the outside is often the other way on the inside. We have all read the stories from celebrities who, whilst appearing like they had it all, actually were suffering from low self esteem at the time. As human beings we all have challenges and we all know how to make our lives LOOK good online, focus instead on making your life FEEL good in reality today. What is one action you can take today to give yourself a boost?

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Text and top image by Rhona Clews