Stuck in a rut?

Stuck in a rut

Do you feel stuck in a rut?

Do you dread going into work in the morning?Feel far off from your dreams? An incredible half of Britons believe their choice of career was a mistake. Getting out of a career rut and making those changes can be really difficult! Prioritising our dreams takes both courage and discipline. Whether its changing careers, writing novels or being creative, our dreams tend to get temporarily parked in the clouds and before too long another year rolls by and we haven’t made the changes we long for. Sound familiar?

In this feature from, Rhona gives helpful tips and advice on how to get out of a career rut and take steps towards making your dreams possible, grounded and real.

Believe in your right to be happy

“Often, we do not think our dreams are possible,” says Rhona. “And so we unconsciously keep them out of reach…we can tend to ask ourselves ‘Who am I to want to travel the world/ write a book /buy a house in the south of France?’ rather than ‘How will I feel if I don’t do this?” To go for our dreams takes risk and guts and often we are worried that we just don’t have them! “But I regularly see people achieve their dreams, receive happiness and fulfilment and then set new and bigger dreams. Setting out to fulfil our dreams and achieving them increases our self confidence.” Rhona also argues that extra help from a professional can enable you to let go of emotional obstacles and pursue your dreams.

Take small steps

Moving from the stuck in a rut situation towards living the way you want is not something that can happen instantly – it’s a process that involves taking small steps every day. “So-called ‘failed dreams’ drain our energy and keep us stuck,” says Rhona. “So often my initial work with clients involves clearing these blocks. I then support them in creating new, fresh dreams and putting them into baby steps with a realistic and manageable timeline.”

Rhona: “If we abandon and neglect our dreams we will wind up not only resentful, but also bitter and miserable! Hire someone to help you follow your dreams instead. Your dreams are unique and vital to you and are there for a reason, trust that deep calling.”

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Words by Marina Gask. Image by Rhona Clews