How to silence the inner critic!

Silence the inner critic

One of my favourite quotes comes from hypnotherapist Paul McKenna “If your roommate spoke to you like you spoke to yourself, you would have moved out years ago!” We are each our worst critics, but what can we do about … READ MORE

What apple thinning taught me about energy

What apple thinning taught me about energy

I grew up in Kent. As a teenager in the mid-1990s, the garden of England offered an eccentric range of low-paid, low-rent and downright weird summer jobs! One of the ones my friends and I signed up for was “apple thinning.”  Who knew … READ MORE

EFT Tap-along to create inner peace

EFT TAP-ALONG TO CREATE INNER PEACE This time of year can be crazy! As nature slows down, we speed up! With this in mind I have recorded a new EFT tap-along for inner peace and stillness amidst the holiday demands. As we hurtle towards … READ MORE